The Mission of VITALFOOD SL, is to give our customers the best solution in all aspects, production, product quality, line efficiency, product innovation, in the implementation of complete lines for solid food production ( cookies, snacks, wafers …). Thanks to the extensive experience of the VITALFOOD SL team, in these sector.

We specialize in industrial food machinery, production lines, aeration equipment and furnaces to help our customers increase profits and ensure the highest quality and best possible result.


The Vision of VITALFOOD SL, is to become a reference in quality technical advice with its customers and also become a preferential technological partner, from the design to the implementation of a solid food production line.


Main advantages of wafer technology

  • From artisan to 3D shapes
  • Stackable
  • Low Fat content
  • Baked not fried
  • Low density
  • Gluten Free
  • Unique Texture

Wafer baking technology

Batter, a liquid, high aqueous mass turns into a crispy and porous Wafer structure through heat and pressure


  • Dry, splintered expanded matrix made of gelatinized starch with a low density
  • The encapsulated proteins improve the mechanical stability and taste

We offer

  • Technological Training –tailored to your needs
  • Experience & Know How
  • Proven recipes
  • Product & recipe testing
  • Process verification
  • Awareness about latest trends
  • Technological consulting
  • Raw materials consulting